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If you are just getting started with git, then you will often find struggling with commit messages. Try to do `git log` to see your commit history, you can get lost or overwhelmed by your own commits! If not done right.

How To Organize A Programming Project For Efficiency


It's important how you organize your code as well as structure, if not it leads to mess which drags down your efficiency to work around.

The Story of Linux, Git and Linus Torvalds


It all begins in 25 August 1991 when 20 years old Computer Science Student, Linus Torvalds posted a note on Internet which is now a legendary note.

What Is Markdown And Why You Should Learn It Right Now


I'm a huge fan of Markdown since I have found out, it helped to me launch a blog quickly, write anything more clearly and quickly.

How Elon Get Things Done In Less Time | Parkinson's Law


Elon Musk, who is one of the most productive CEOs. He set very unrealistic deadlines while some say he's overconfident, but that's not the point.

How To Install Linux On Windows Without Virtual Machine | WSL


Ever thought of running Linux on Windows without ever leaving it for once. It"s not any virtual machine or multi-booting or whatever, its just simple WSL.

Which programming language you should learn?


This post will try to answer some of your questions related to what programming language to opt and how to choose it.

I have compiled some of my mistakes from which you can learn and avoid some common pitfalls which I face especially when I'm a beginner.