How To Organize A Programming Project For Efficiency


How To Organize A Programming Project For Efficiency

It's important how you organize your code as well as structure, if not it leads to mess which drags down your efficiency to work around.

When it comes to larger, more complex projects, how you organize your code is the key to efficiency.

Choose self-explanatory directory names

The names of the directory should be self-explanatory and clear, try not including any symbol or emoji. As it can result into some location issues for your project, sometimes the framework or library creates problems when it tries to locate your project files.

Also, some framework does not allow you to use any symbol or even hypes in the directory name, so it's good to use clear concise names if possible. Try to use self-explanatory names for each directory of projects and files.

Wrap project files in one directory

Encapsulate all your project files in one directory which contain all the files, codes or anything related to project. This folder should only contain the files related to a specific project only.

Have a separation between raw or temporary data and main code

It's good to have a separate directory for raw or temporary data, as it separates the main code from mixing with some temporary files. It's also easy to locate your raw or temp data.

Look how your framework or library likes to be organized

It is good practice to follow how your framework or library likes to organize its code.

Maintain a README file for your project (optional)

This thing I personally do whenever I create a personal project or production grade project. I try to document as many details as possible, regarding the basic project description, to-dos, explaining how things work in the project and what each section of the app do.

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